Salvation by Love

The mark of God is Love. Believers are rescued from eternal death by love without measure.

God has defined love through the sacrifice of His Son. Believers return that love through following every word He speaks. Jesus calls this eating His body and drinking His blood. Don't freak out; it's not what you think.

All about rules and regulations? Believers love God by following all of His living oracles. There are those who say that we are "all about rules and regulations" because we love God's Law. Hard hearts look at the Law as rules and regulations. Those of us who love Him think that everything He says is love.

The Best discipleship method ever, straight from God: Step by step instructions are given to us from our God of love to build faith, renew our minds and train us in righteousness. With the Law we learn the difference between love and hate, clean and unclean, God esteem and self esteem.

Jesus is the end of the Law. He has always been the end of the Law. If we follow the Law (all of His Words) in its completeness (or "fulfill") we get to Jesus. Every time.

Eat His body and drink His blood!

  • Jesus in John 6:53-58 tells believers about the best food in town. He's the source of our daily bread.
  • Works in concert with the heart of the New Covenant.
  • Helps us draw near to God and touch Him on a daily basis.
  • Facilitates the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Puts on Christ (Romans 13:8-14).
  • Restores the integrity of the Word.
  • Helps prayer, understanding and teaches children.

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A few of the remedies we offer for the confusion from men's philosophies and the elemental spirits of the world. Mouse over the pictures for links to articles (the Plus Magnifier symbol) and/or some of our videos (the chain link symbol). Click the buttons at the top to arrange by subject.


The Church

Who Put the Church in Charge?

The church does not get to say that a believer cannot follow God's Word!


Passover or Pesach

Christian Faith and Practice charged up with God's Passover.

Merit vs Grace


The key to lawlessness, or the key to right living?

Only the Moral

Objection: Only the Moral Counts

Non-biblical divisions of ceremonial, civil and moral are pasted over the Law. Then we cherry pick obedience.

The Nicolaitans

The Nicolaitans

Balaam and Jezebel's techniques of sexual immorality are still current in the church. WBC book section or video.

Trumpets 2016

Trumpets or Yom Teruah

A feast for making noise. The day of the awakening blast. Is our God cool or what?


Colossians 2

Paul nails the meaning of Colossians 2. It wasn't the Law nailed to the cross, it was our transgressions.

Paul says no Law?

Paul Says We Can Blow Off the Law

According to the church, Paul converted to Christianity and told us we can ignore the Law. But what does the Bible say?

The Heart of the New Covenant

Rejecting the New Covenant

The Church says they follow the New Covenant. But do they?

burning fire

Atonement or Yom Kippur

Don't wait for the fulfillment of this day without accepting the payment Jesus made for you.


Romans 14

Paul gives his opinion of people's opinions.


Objection: It's Legalism

If following a law is trying to earn salvation, then everyone who obeys the speed limit is saved!

The Church Leaves

The Church is Born 325 A.D.

The Church is not the same as the Body of Christ, parting from the Word long ago. More in book link and video link.


Tabernacles or Sukkot

God's Camping trip. Our family pitches tents in the back yard, or puts air mattresses in the living room.


Stepmother, Passover, Circumcision

A whole Bible look at Paul's teachings from the Law on stepmother marriage, Passover and Circumcision.


Objection: Not Under the Law

If we are under grace, where is the Law? We'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count.

Ecclesia does not equal church

Ecclesia ≠ Church

The Church thinks it replaced Israel. But there's no Church in the Bible. This puzzle is answered in the Body of Christ.


Sabbath or Shabbat

Given to believers starting way back in the Garden. And why reject a day off?

Head coverings and Bible Study

Head Coverings and Bible Study

This is an application of a Bible study method using Paul's supposed teaching on head coverings.

No Punish, No Pay

Objection: No Punishment, No Pay

Why obey the Law if we don't get punished, or we don't get paid? It's called Love, stupid.

New definition of cult

A New Definition of Cult

With respect to Dr. Walter Martin, our definition of "cult" is lip-synchers of the Word of God.

Themes in the Biblical Feasts

Themes in the Biblical Feasts

An outline for the feasts focusing on themes from the Bible related to each one and their impacts on life.


A Whole Bible Look at Romans

There are four videos, starting with chapters 1 thru 4. Romans is referred to 90 times in Whole Bible Christianity.

I got mine so who cares about the Law

Objection: I Got Mine So Who Cares?

We've been told the Law is "not a salvation issue" which translates to "I got mine and that's all that matters."

Whole Bible Christianity!

Standard church just not doing it for you?

Looking for truth, and it's scarce in the church? God's got the answer. Our book Whole Bible Christianity points the way!

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Christian Torah Greeting

Abundant life

We can't think of anyone that would turn down abundant life. Blessings pressed down and overflowing. God's Laws are the impetus for producing life abundant. They are missing from the church, but they are still in the Word. And always will be.


Jesus, the bread that comes down out of heaven, says that we should eat His body and drink His blood for eternal life (John 6:53-58). His Words are spirit and they are life. So consuming more of the Word (as in The Law) means more life. Click the link for our handy free Manna booklet reading schedule.

Health from the Word

Did you know that many times in history God's people following all of His Word did not get sick like the general population? At times of plague, for instance, Jewish people did not get it like most others. Could it be that God's Laws protected them?

The Promise
Site Setup

All the pieces are there for an Old Testament theology. It's called The Promise, and starts with the seed of the woman in Genesis 3:15. We can trace it through the Patriarchs to Israel to David and the Prophets all the way through the New Testament.

One Continuous Plan
Content Transfer

There is nothing old about God's Word. There is nothing new. It simply exists, waiting for us to find it. It has been the same since the beginning; a continuous story of love. All the pieces of the Bible fit together, flowing according to His single plan and purposes. The Plan and Promise is Jesus our Messiah.

Get the Most out of the Bible
12 Tips

Steps for interpreting the Word, straight from the Word. God has not left believers in the dark about the way to live out our lives, keeping our hearts synchronized with His. If you need some help figuring it out, He's got lots of material right there in plain sight.

God's Living Oracles

Proclaiming the Word!

The Word of God Ministries


All over the world, quite apart from any one man's or one ministry's efforts, people are waking up to whole Bible principles. The Holy Spirit is moving, revealing the truth to any who are willing to listen.

Our part of the team is participating by whatever means we can, such as this website. You can be part of the team or household of God too. All you have to do is read the Word (all of it, front to back, repeatedly) and do it. That's it. No formula. No "sinners prayer" to memorize. Just find out what God says and do it.

If the Spirit is moving you, this website will direct you to many sources such as our book and our videos to help. Or use the contact form below.

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