1 Welcome New Members/Forum Rules

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1 Welcome New Members/Forum Rules

Postby Bruce Bertram » Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:07 pm

Hello, and thanks for joining the Whole Bible Forum. Here we discuss topics related to the application of the whole of the Word, including what some call the Law or Torah, to our lives.

Please observe these few simple rules for discussion.

Fill out your profile as completely as space permits. This helps other people get to know you a little. Even something as simple as where you are living can open up all sorts of good connections to someone else.

Support your Scriptural ideas with Scripture; label your opinions as opinions.

Always be courteous, avoid poor language. Treat everyone with respect. If you disagree with someone's point of view, argue ideas rather than attacking individuals or groups. Derogatory statements about Jews or Judaism, or Christian denominations, practices, or beliefs, and individually aimed insults or threats that cause any participant to feel discomfort will be deleted as necessary. However, disagreements can become rather sharp on occasion, simply because of the nature of disagreement. Please try to grant extra courtesy on these occasions. Notify the administrator of any post which you think goes past these boundaries.

Stay on-topic. Be sure that your discussion relates to the subject of the particular thread in which you participate. If you want to discuss a new subject, start one. Just be sure to put a short title in the Subject line.

Watch your language. Profanity, anti-semitism, obscenities, sexually explicit language, sexual innuendoes, vulgar or rude comments, and expressions of bigotry are out of place here, including attempts to "mask" such words by using initials, blanks, or asterisks.

Do not impersonate anyone.

Compose carefully-reasoned comments. Be sure to think before you click.

Guard yours (and other's) personal safety and privacy. Do not post anyone's full name, personal phone number or address. In addition, do not post private e-mail you have received from someone else unless the author has given you specific permission to do so.

Do not advertise. Commercial-type information is not allowed.

Do not post copyrighted material. Instead, post URLs to Web content or cite reference information (title, publisher, etc.).

Hopefully, this forum will give all of us a healthy place to exchange ideas and help one another as we attempt to follow God with all our heart, soul and strength. Treat others as you have been treated by your God. Love is our vehicle, Jesus is the goal.

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