Hidden in Plain Sight nearing completion

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Hidden in Plain Sight nearing completion

Postby Bruce Bertram » Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:26 pm

The book 'Hidden in Plain Sight' that I've been working on for a few years is nearing completion. Thank you to Shari and my wife for their contributions in reading the manuscript (especially the one that was so hard to read) and editing. Several others requested copies but I haven't heard from them for suggestions, perhaps because the first few drafts were too hard to read. So if you want to make suggestions, you've got to get them in now.

I've submitted one of the latest versions to a publisher (9/20/2010) and paid for an 'editorial review.' I'm hoping they will have some good editing suggestions, and that they will also decide to publish it. We should be getting the review back soon. If they don't publish, I will have to try and get some money to self-publish. It costs (depending on number of copies) around $5,000.00 give or take a few hundred to get it going myself.

Last fall I had a local editor take a look at the manuscript, and one of his suggestions was to "write more." He thought this book should be more like a large reference work, then I should write shorter books about each section. Up to that point I had been trying to make the whole thing short so it would be more likely to get published (as well as purchased and read). Now I am adding explanation and more scripture trying to connect thoughts better and show relation to the Word better. I don't know if I will go the 'reference work' route, but I am trying to package this so it will be more understandable to the average Christian who has been getting rather abbreviated teachings for a long time. The book us up to about 275 pages now, and I still have to sort through three or four chapters of material that was removed several years ago to see if some of it should be included.

My wife tells me that the recent version of the manuscript is much, much easier to read. However, she can't quite see gaps in presentation as well because she is so close to the author and hears the ideas all the time. So if you see logical disconnects in the text of the version you have, make sure to tell me. You may have to request new copies of the manuscript though because it has changed quite a bit in even the last few months.

Shari says that she's excited about getting the book published because she has friends who really need it. Her suggestion to provide copies free is a good one, and I will probably include some sort of 'free if you can't afford it' offer with the book. But as you can tell with the self-publish pricing estimate the book won't be exactly free to print. We are praying for a publisher, but if we can't find one then we are praying that God will provide. With the economy the way it is my business is struggling so extra funds are not available at the moment. We could put the manuscript online as an option, but advertising will still be a problem, and if speaking engagements are requested those will also be a problem financially. Book sales would help pay for both.

If you want a new copy of the manuscript let me know.

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