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Tired Old Argument 3 - Bad Verses

Bad, insane, worst, ridiculous, disgusting, shocking, gruesome verses/stories in the Bible

What is the real bad, insane, worst, ridiculous, disgusting, shocking, gruesome stuff by mockers

You know, these jokers could make themselves useful and complain about something that's a real problem instead of tearing down the God of love. Abortion? Suicide? Drugs? Not a word.

Hate the Rules

Remember that the video, blog, website, TV show makers really don't hate the verses. They hate the rules. And they hate the maker of the rules. Never mind that the rules are intended to keep us from harm and death. The verses they hate are verses that describe themselves, because without God that's what you get. All that bad stuff is due to sin.

Nothing to Offer

These mockers, scoffers, pseudo-educated pseudo-scientists tear down what is good and right (because by extension they say the whole Bible is bad) yet have nothing to offer in return. Literally.

Tired Old Argument Number 3 - Bad Verses

Bad, insane, worst, ridiculous, disgusting, shocking, gruesome verses/stories in the Bible

With not very much poking around on Youtube you will run across many videos purporting to educate you on all the bad things in the Bible. Titles run the gamut from "bad verses" to "insane" and "ridiculous verses." Many of these videos are from atheists and a few are from people who genuinely question what they read.

However, not one is accurate. Each adjective is an opinion based on what the video maker thinks is shocking or disgusting, not on what actually is shocking or disgusting. The verses are taken out of context and usually assume that God is a bad guy before they even read what they are criticizing or mocking.

For instance, one verse I happen to see was about dashing babies on rocks. Certainly not something that I would want to have happen, but it fades into nothingness compared to the 30 or 40 million babies cut and torn out of the womb by abortions. Not a peep about that bad, insane, worst, ridiculous, disgusting, shocking, gruesome behavior.

Most of the people who are making these claims condone activities such as abortion and homosexuality. Or they are atheists who hold to no moral standard except their own version of right and wrong. So for them to question some of the statements or a circumstance in the Bible is meaningless.

Some have an ax to grind, as in the case of the attacks on homosexuality teachings. Homosexuals of course don't want to be reminded that their lifestyle choice is deadly and destroys all involved. They don't want to be told they will end up separated permanently by choice from the God they hate. They'd rather believe that their destructive behavior had no consequences. Sadly, it's true that God hates sin and unrepentant sinners will not only have bad things happen in this life but the next life too.

There are those who simply mock. These don't merit any attention whatsoever because they have nothing to add to any intelligent discussion. Understanding comes very slowly to people who mock, and I question the presence of enough brain matter present in them to have a reasonable, rational discussion in the first place.

If you want to refute the arguments, go ahead but it's a waste of your time. They are not making logical, reasoned arguments. They simply want to try and destroy you and God's kingdom. Such a person refuses to see reason because they are driven by pride and don't want to answer to a loving, all knowing God with the power to consign them to eternity apart from the good things they despise.

All, every single one, of those who post such videos or write these kinds of blog entries, books, TV shows or websites have one thing in common. They do not want to do what God says. They reject His sovereignty, His authority, His commands or Law and everything about Him. One commenter I read said it best. "I tried to be Christian a few times but I hate the rules."

The only thing that remains is to be gods themselves. They want to be king over their own kingdoms, which would consist of everyone who listens to their vacant ramblings and thinks like they do. The problem with that is everyone else wants to be king also. They are what the Bible calls fools or the "willingly ignorant."

Remember the bottom line. The mockers, scoffers, pseudo-educated, pseudo-scientists are tearing down what is good and right. What do they offer in place?


Literally they offer nothing except self-indulgence, self-worship, or self-seeking. The kingdoms of the world they dangle in front of you are all prone to burning and destruction. They will not last; they cannot last. There can only be one ruler of their kingdoms, and he doesn't share very well.

We get a glimpse of how their kingdoms will turn out when you look at communistic countries. Everyone is equally miserable except the fortunate few who rule. Those rulers make their living off the backs of the many and don't care a whit about the people they rule. That's paradise compared to what life would be like if we believed these mockers and scoffers and bought into their line of empty rhetoric. Nothing but misery and pain awaits those who turn their backs on God.

If you want to refute these jokers, it takes a lot of work. Read the context of the quotes and look up definitions of words. Make them define their words better. Or you could just read all of the Word and do what God says. You can easily spot false arguments by handling the whole and completely true Word of God. Study the genuine and get to know our loving God better and you will be able to see right through the mockers and complainers as they trip merrily along to hell. With the genuine article you might be able to rescue some of those who are questioning, but don't count on it.

If the fools who teach these things took a moment to fairly evaluate the verses they claim are so bad, insane, worst, ridiculous, disgusting, shocking or gruesome there would be more acceptance and fewer mocking videos. They don't because they don't want God in the first place. They manufacture problems out of thin air because they hate God and are trying to get others to hate with them. My advice is don't waste your time with the false. Just concentrate on the words of life.